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Life would be great if we could spend each day in nature, our thoughts guided by the incidental rhythm of trees swaying in the wind as the river below meanders toward the Pacific.

Even in Washington State, though, most of us live in cities and suburbs where these moments are only accessible if we drive somewhere. Maybe we make it to our natural oasis once or twice a month.

The good news is, you don't need to travel anywhere to experience this feeling of peace.

You can learn to cultivate it inside you anytime you need it.

It's not something you have to be perfect at either. That's why they call it a "practice."

Join millions of people striving through mindfulness to make peace with feelings arising from issues like anxiety, depression, and trauma.

I love talking with clients about integrating mindfulness and meditation into their lives. 

We can do meditation exercises in-session, if you'd like, so that you can experience mindfulness in a safe environment.

That may sound silly since mindfulness is supposed to make you feel safe, secure, and at peace. But you would be surprised at the number of clients I've encountered who find this sense of calmness disconcerting. I find this is especially true with clients who have survived a lot of traumas.


Check-out the Openings & Insurance page. Then give me a call at (888) 646-3686 to start your mindfulness journey.

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